Anne Anderson Walk 2020

This walk is to raise money for Cochrane's Anne Anderson Award fund. It will take place on Saturday 3 October, 2-4pm. 

To ensure your place on the walk, please follow the instructions below:

1) Click here to purchase your walk ticket and donate to the fund on Cochrane's Virgin Money Giving Account

2) Once you have made your donation, please register for the walk on the Colloquium website, using the ‘registration/additional registration’ forms. You will only be able to do this once you are registered to attend the Colloquium. If you have not already done so, you can register for the Colloquium here.

There are a limited number of tickets available, so don’t miss out! If we run out of tickets you can still make a donation of your choice.

About the 2020 walk

Step back in time with us, to when our city was more 'Muddy Little York' than 'Toronto the Good' (as we're known today). During this 2-hour walking tour we'll explore how the city of Toronto has transitioned from the kind of place you would never want to bring your family, to the kind of place you'd love to have a family. Along the way we'll discuss how fire fundamentally changed the landscape of the downtown core, stand above an unmarked mass grave for Cholera victims hiding in the middle of a beautiful park, explore the death and re-birth of Yonge Street (from glitz and glamour to seedy underbelly and back again), and talk about the time that the circus came to town - with clowns beating up fire fighters, and the fire brigade burning down the circus.

The tour will be 2-hours long, beginning and ending at the lobby of the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel.

About the Anne Anderson Award

Find out more about Anne Anderson and the Award here.